TEDxKhartoum’s “Our Sudan” video inspires a new generation of Sudanese youth

Anwar Dafa-Alla, TEDx organizer and generally incredible human being created this poem and call to reclaim a place. The Sudan is a place that has been laid low but it’s people have a hope that I hope and support from afar. Have faith in the people of the Sudan, what they can create – take note – we may be looking to them one day about how to re-create a lost paradise. Inspirational. Thank you Anwar! You had a dream and nothing can hold you back. Your undying spirit is an inspiration.

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A year ago, political scientist Tarig Hilal captivated the audience at TEDxKhartoum with the story of the Sudan he saw — not a place of violent strife, political unrest or pervasive poverty, but a country of beautiful natural landscapes, a rich history and a hopeful generation of changemakers ready to turn a new chapter in their country’s history.

“I’m going to tell you a story,” he says in his talk, “It is the story of a generation. My generation. It is a story of our romance with the past, with the losses of our age, and a hope for the future.” He describes an old Sudan of “wide open boulevards and tree-lined streets … trains that ran on time … and jazz nights by the Nile,” a recent Sudan of diaspora, food queues and “shattered sidewalks,” and then a future Sudan of hope and promise.

After it appeared online, Hilal’s…

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